Monday, 28 June 2010


So, my lovely lovely Rimmel make-up prize! I've taken a few pictures out in the sun, hope you enjoy! :)

So here it all is!

Emblem on the t-shirt, really like it!

The goody-bag itself!

230 RED FEVER - great colour, but I'm a bit wary of wearing it with my pale colouring :P but I might try it out and see how it works :)

440 ENCHANTMENT - really like this colour, a lovely mystical and slightly glittery blue, mmmm

Reviews of lots of the rest coming soon!

Thursday, 24 June 2010


It's getting HOT! :D

Ahh, today I finally got round to buying that GORGEOUS berry shade of Barry M nail varnish in the ice cream range. It's been taunting me for ages on the internet but today was the first time I actually found it in the shop. So naturally I snapped it up straight away :P and I LOVE IT! (and only £2.50!)

mmmmmmm :)

Also did some amazing sale shopping today, got a beautiful blue dress with big floral print on it from Dorothy Perkins. Which I love. And, even better - reduced from £20 to £7!

And to finish, some lovely £2 aviators from Primark! VERY summery :)

Yesterday I got a delivery failure notice in the post, saying I now had to go and pick up a parcel from the post office collection point. But, I honestly had no idea what it was! I opened the letter that came with it, turns out I had won an 8GB ipod touch and £100 itunes vouchers from a competition I entered ages ago on Capital radio's website! Went to pick it up today, it wasn't the ipod, which is coming in about two weeks, but a RIMMEL MAKE UP GOODY BAG that I won as well!


Monday, 21 June 2010


And so, the dreaded Monday has passed! :) I had three hours of exams today :/ But at last, they are all over! Only one more set next week and i'm DONE and can look forward to work experience! Which I shall tell you all about sometime soon :)

And after that, a huuuuge expanse of summer! Which, I cannot wait for! :)

Yesterday was lovely. One of my favourite sort of days :) Not too hot, but lovely and sunny, and just MMM. I only took this picture, of a poppy, in my garden. But, its LILAC! Which really amazed me! So I think its just about worth its own post :P

Thanks for all the lovely comments, I'll try and get back to all you lovely lovely people! :)

Thursday, 17 June 2010


... I have absolutely no idea what to write about today. So I'm just going to write, and see where it takes me :P

I had an exam today. VERY VERY HARD. Everything our teacher said would probably come up, and that we all spent ages revising on, didn't come up, and everything we didn't revise did. Sad, eh? But ahh well, what's done is done :P I just need to make sure I revise ALL WEEKEND for the other two that follow to make sure I get 100% in them to make up for it haha xD

On Saturday, I RAATHER fancy going shopping for some lovely new bikinis this weekend, in the midst of my revision :P

I really like the pretty frilly bikini tops! They're so pretty, so I'll have to have a little hunt... :)


There, that was yesterday :) I've had some inspiration for some more bloggage overnight, so when I get home I'll have a nice time taking some pictures of some jewellery, artishly, i hope :) I really should get my own camera! I told my mum I wasn't very interested in photography, and now I just borrow her camera all the time xD

Hey, guess what I realised!? Today is my one week blogging anniversary! WOO! :)

So, pictures as promised :) I thought it would be fun to take photos of my some of my jewellery in my garden :P Strange, I know. But I think it just about works!

Topshop necklace, £12. This comes with three other necklaces, so it spells out 'once upon a time', but I thought this was rather nice on its own :)

You know when you're young, and you spend loads of time gaping over your mum's jewellery, thinking it's the most wonderful thing in the world? Well, I've been in love with this necklace all my life, and my mum never wore it, so the other day I put my foot down and decided it needed some wear. By me ;)

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Photo Day

Ahh! Today was great! My lovely friend Tania and I spent the day having a little photoshoot in my garden. The clouds stayed away! YAY!

Basically, Tania used her lovely posh camera, and took LOTS of pictures of me :D Some of which, I am not even going to think about (think VERY strange expressions on my part xD ). But I'm hoping some of the others aren't quite so bad. So, enjoy :)

Saturday, 12 June 2010


I cannot wait til tomorrow :) Me and my good friend Tania are going to have lovely photoshoot in my garden :) (see below :P)

Lots of nice pretty vintagey pictures, WE HOPE. IT MUST NOT RAIN! Today would have been perfect, no rain and just lovely sunshine, but the forecast is for clouds :( and no pretty pictures. :(

I'm thinking, a GORGEOUS deep pink dress with a floucy skirt and tight bodice and halter neck, from Jane Norman. I adore this dress, only about £40, and I recently wore it to my cousin's wedding which was absolutely stunning :) As for the dress, let's just say the Millwall fans on the tube on the journey there rather 'appreciated' it :|

And I shall wear this with a BEAUTIFUL pair of lace court shoes from New Look :) Pretty comfy shoes actually. I don't really tend to go for low heels, normally I go with the 'if you're wearing heels, you might as well go the whole way at get at least four inches' but seeing as I had to spend the whole day and evening in them, I had to go with low. But I actually love these :D

And for a different outfit, I think I shall wear this pretty dress from Republic. I am officially in love with this shop. It only recently came to the shopping centre near me and I was like, :O! Just looking in, it is a haven of lovely lovely things :) And this dress was £20 :D As are many of the beautiful things in there :)

Right, bed for me. Praying for sun!

Night :)

Friday, 11 June 2010

Number One

Hey :) its Olivia, and erm, this is my first post. Ever. Feel special!

I love this time of year. Everything has come to life again, and its time for summer and sun sun sunnn :) (then again I live in England, so errr xD)

This weather completely inspires me :) I've been out in my garden taking pictures of flowers and just general niceness. I congratulate my parents on their lovely gardening skills :P

My dad bought some cherries today. Just looking at the bowl made me want to take lovely artistic pictures. Not sure I've quite managed that, but, i tried :P

Wow, like, the same colour! :O yes, it amazed me too.

My friend bought Lady Gaga tickets today for me and her! I am absolutely SO EXCITED! only got to wait til december xD My AMAZINGLY TALENTED friend Tania did some stunning clothes designs for her, I'm actually considering waiting by the stage door to hand them to her, because I think they're amazing!

Ahh, I have love for Barry M. LOTS OF IT. Dazzle dusts are just, beauty... the colours, the prettiness... ah :) i only own about, four xD But they are so amazing. -->

And OMG THEIR NEW NAIL VARNISH ICE CREAM RANGE! I really want the berry colour, it's such a gorgeous summery pastel colour, I love it! It's that RATHER yummy one there in the middle :) <---