Friday, 5 November 2010

Oh dear.

I'm sooo sorry everyone! I have not blogged in so long, and I'm incredibly sorry. I hope you can find it in you to forgive me :( I've been incredibly busy, I've been away, and then had a lot of work and revision and all sorts. So I hope this shall be the first in a series of much more regular blog posts! :)

Recently, I hit the beautiful TopShop midseason and emerged with this absolutely BEAUTIFUL, in my opinion anyway, pocketwatch. It was half price from £30 to £15 and, thanks to Tania, who worked out for me that it wasn't broken, but was actually a windup clockwork watch, it will never run out of batteries! Apologies for the bad quality on some of the photos.

I love all the pattern on the back, and I think it's amazing how you can just turn it over and see all the clock mechanism working away, and watch the ticking :D

I love it! What have you got in the sales recently? xxxx