Sunday, 29 August 2010

Body Shop

I have always lovvvved the Body Shop. I used to go in when I was younger and try out all the free samples with my mum :) And if I'm honest, not much has changed! I went in about a week ago with my friend to try out some of their lovely products, when I saw something AMAZING! By the door, there were little free plastic pots for you to fill with Body Shop samples and take home with you! As I'm sure you can imagine, I was insanely excited by this, and proceeded to fill as many as I could to try out at home :P In the end I left with this:

I've put together a few reviews of everything I've tried out :)


This is cherry body scrub (from cherries grown in Italy, the nice lady in the shop said), and it is really good. You can see some of the little black seeds in there that help to scrub off dry skin. It smells more of artificial cherry sweets than actual cherry, but I'm not complaining as I love both.
Even now as I type, I can still smell the sweet smell wafting up :P Such a lovely product :)


These are really good, I have here satsuma on the left and strawberry on the right. The lotion is quite thin, but feels very soft and light to use. They both smell incredible, both sweet, fruity and fresh. The only thing I would say is that often they don't come out of the dispenser easily - you can see the satsuma tester is only half full. But otherwise, just wonderful.


I've always loved these. Much thicker than the body lotion, but incredibly moisturising. The scents aren't quite as intense, they all have a similar underlying smell, but they are very thick and feel luxurious. However they can leave your skin a little greasy if you use too much. Here I have satsuma on the left, then mango, then cherry.


I've never tried these before, but I have to say I'm impressed. They lather well, and the scents are great. Here I have, from left to right, strawberry, cherry and satsuma. They leave a very fruity smell in the air as well as on me :P Lovely :)

I never thought I'd like any of these products as much as I do now once I've tried them in place of other products at home, but I love them all! Whoever came up with such a great idea to take testers home is amazing! I definitely know now what I'm asking for for Christmas....

Thursday, 26 August 2010


Now I'm back from holiday, my mum doesn't go back to work til I go back to school, so this is again the time of the summer when we do house projects, woo! This involves painting bedrooms (four years back), getting new wardrobes (last year), and relaying carpet (this year). So I've had eeever so much fun taking everything out of my room, and have only just put it all back. Which was kind of boring, but also really nice just to check through all my stuff, rediscover little presents or craft kits, and make everything tidy and pretty and exciting. I guess it's a good thing to have to have a bit of a clear out really. I really tried to make it look very personal so I've taken a few photos to show you all my hard work, and you can find out a bit more about me from them :)

I have a long line of all my books, in alphabetical order by author. A bit like my own little library :) I'm not particularly patriotic or anything, but I couldn't think where else to put a Union Flag and I thought here sort of worked :P

Lanyards from two concerts I won tickets for, Pixie Lott and JLS (which were both AMAZING), which I've hung here to make me look like a festivally type, haha :P You can also see the beginnings of my mini indoor jungle on the right. I love having plants in my room, makes it feel healthier :)

Here you can see my radio/tape/cd player, tuned, of course, to my favourite radio station ever, 95.8 Capital FM :D oh the love. That blue envelope under it has all my tickets of concerts I've been to in it, including the Jingle Bell Ball (I won tickets, yays! you can see a red confetti heart on the shelf above that I caught there, which I've kept just for a reminder of how wonderful it was), and Scouting for Girls :) Also a fresh rose in a vase on the far left, I love a little natural beauty.

An overall view :) I'm aiming for a warm, cosy comfy feel, but also very tidy. Haha, you can see all my cuddly toys at the top lined up in size order :P And of course my laptop so I can write to all you beautiful people :)
That's it, I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit more about me! Also a HUGE thank you to everyone said such lovely things to me about my results :)

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

And its results day......

So, today came at last.... I'm not in year 11 yet, so I didn't have that many results, but but I must admit I was SO SO SO incredibly nervous. I'm extremely embarrassed to say I started crying before I even got the results, I just really didn't know what to expect! And now I can say I am so impossibly happy with them! I got:

Latin - A
IT - Distinction

GCSE modules:
Physics - A
Chemistry - A*
Biology - A*
Maths - A*
DT - A*

I am so happy, I worked so hard and I'm so pleased it has paid off! I hope anyone else with results did brilliantly! :)

So, that aside, I thought I might share some of the lovely dolls' house photos I took the other day at the dolls' house shop for my art project, because the attention to detail is amazing, and I just think they're beautiful :) If you didn't know the scale, you would probably think they were actual size rooms! I hope you enjoy :)

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Dolls' Houses

I love dolls' houses. Aren't they beautiful? All my life I have been fascinated by them. I have video of me at about two getting furniture for my first ever dolls' house. I wasn't a messy sort of child, I was very very very neat. I laid everything out perfectly, and you can see me adjusting the position of the pillows very very slightly, just so it was perfect. Nothing much has changed! Haha, I still tidy it up sometimes. :P

I'm trying to find a way of incorporating them into my prep for my art gcse mock as I have the idea of making a little room, about the size of a large shoebox, with everything in it, but miniature and made by me :) So for prep I've been taking some pictures of my dolls' house and I popped along to the dolls' house shop near me and took some photos.

This is what I wore on my way. I have no idea what compelled me to take this photo, I guess the sun came out and I felt inspired :P It's quite an un-me-ish outfit, but I thought it worked and its always great to try something new :) This maxi dress is from New Look, AAAND in the sale :D £14 from £30, I think. I love a good bargain, I do! And the bag is from my uncle, and the worst thing is I can't remember where its from! I know its from some of his foreign travels, but I can't for the live of me remember where! :( It's one of those things that I put in my wardrobe and retrieved recently and thought, yeah, I like this! So this is its first appearance with me :)

Saturday, 7 August 2010


Ahh, you must forgive me! I have not blogged for like, ever! I've neglected my blog again :'( I've been on holiday in France! Which was so good, but now I need to tend to my blog :)

While I was out there, my mum was trying to immerse me in the language, suggesting I read books on french history, which I erm, refused. So our compromise was french fashion and beauty magazines :D which are basically the same ones as in Britain but translated :P And I have seen some BEAUTIFUL things which I'm going to show you.

These pictures are all scanned in from the August edition of Glamour, en francais :)

I officially love this. I just, adore fifties fashion. This is just so beautiful, so elegant, so feminine. VERY flattering, chic, glamourous, and just one of my favourite things ever. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It reminds me of when I was younger and spent all my time drawing princess dresses with tight bodices and huge skirts. So uhh, if anyone happens to have 2734 euros spare to give me to buy this outfit, then I'd appreciate it. Hahaa, I can always dream... :P

I never thought I'd actually like a all-in-one knitted ski-suit. But somehow, I love this! Knitwear is coming back and this Dolce and Gabbana jumpsuit just does it aaall for me. I adore all those patterns and the cute little reindeer :)
Gorgeous boots as well. AND it looks so amazingly warm. It's such a nice cut and that model looks amazing.

This denim dress is so so so nice. I love this whole denimy trend at the moment, but my only problem is they've made some lovely washed out denim tier summer dresses, and they look great but the very thought of wearing a denim dress on a hot day just puts me off. So I really like how this dress has more of an autumn/winter look and I think I might want this one too. But I don't think I'll ever be able to rustle up 600 euros to pay for it xD
I also love how confused that guy looks by her hand...

My friend Anna is pretty much in love with Emma Watson, and I must say when I happened across this picture of her in my magazine, I think I might just love her too! She looks so so so so so so so so so so so so so pretty. I don't particularly like her dress, but her shoes! And just HER! :O

So there we go. Just a few things I'm loving right now, I hope you like them too! :D