Saturday, 9 October 2010


This has not been a particularly great week. I spent Wednesday getting gradually more ill throughout the day, ending up with a fever, aching all over my body and a headache... and the same on Thursday. It hurt just to move! But then had a great sleep thanks to some wonderful drowsy flu medicine and woke up Friday feeling fabulous! And then today I woke up with the worst headache I've ever had in my life, which hurrrrt so much whenever I moved at all... :'(
Fortunately, I seem better for the moment so lets hope it stays like that :) Anyway!

I LOVE bracelets. There's something about how you can just easily slip on a few to make an outfit a bit more exciting, and you've also got something to fiddle with if you're bored :P So over the years I've accumulated a fair few!

I've picked out a few to show you today, which are quite new to my collection.

These three were given to me from my brother, and I absolutely love them! He went to Costa Rica for a month, and brought these back from some of the local craftsmen. I love the homemade natural feel of them all!

I'm not entirely sure what this is made of, but you can just about see that is says 'Costa Rica' and has a lizard on it. I like wearing this so I can pretend I've been there, and lived out of a rucksack for a month :P I'm so glad my brother did that instead of me, there's no way I could pack a month's worth of my life into one rucksack xD

This one is quite clearly made of seeds from Costa Rican plants. I love how the seeds have such a bright orange colour on them, that really makes them contrast nicely. Out of all of them, I probably wear this one the most :P

I think this one is made of a seed which is painted, but I love how it's got a pattern a bit like a sun on it :)

This is often how I like wearing my bracelets - mixed up with a little bit of everything else. That way, each bracelet I have on is different and has a different story :) How do you like wearing yours?

Friday, 1 October 2010

A little bit of a lot

I am sooo sorry, its been quite a while since I've posted something :( I've been trying really hard this school year to keep up to date with work, so I've been doing lots of putting-into-folders, cutting-and-sticking and general sorting and of course, homework.... but in truth, and this might sound a bit strange, I'm actually sort of enjoying the satisfaction that I'm getting all my work done, and being organised! I feel like I'm actually achieving something, getting somewhere. Which, is great! Wonder how long its gonna last :P

So I think this is going to be a bit of a bits n bobs post, if that is okay :)
First things first, its Tania from forget me not's birthday on Sunday! So why not pop over and wish her a happy birthday on the 3rd :) I need to buy her a present... If you're reading this Tania, I'm not going to tell you what I'm thinking of so haaaaa ;)

its also Tania's sister's birthday party soonish as well, and I need to rustle up a fancy dress costume, on the theme of a 'fictional character'. Naturally, of course, I want to go as a princess :P So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions how I can become an Aurora or a Cinderella, but cheapishly, that would be wonderful!

Oh, and! I came across this amazing shoe website! It's called Discount Shoe Store, and they sell beautiful heels and other shoes for the cheapest prices ever - you can get heels for like, £10! So its definitely worth having a look, here's the link: Discount Shoe Store
I'm not sure how much they charge for postage though, I've never bought anything from there, I just admire how preeedy they are :P But I'd really recommend the 'Black Gardenia Satin Platform' shoe, I have them, but I bought them off the Barratts website a while back, and they are beautiful, and comfy too :)

And one last thing! I've been busy playing piano and singing a lot recently, which I actually LOVE! I normally learn chords or piano parts from songs I like and then sing along with them :D And, quite a lot of these are by Lady Gaga , whose music I absolutely adore (that's one of the things I put in my first blog post ever!) She has a lot of acousticky lovely music that isn't very publicised.

So one I came across about a month ago is You and I , and its going to be on her new album. (EXCITED!) I just thought I'd share it with you :) And maybe if you look out in the future I might post a clip of me singing it :P

There we go, quite a lengthy post in the end! I hope you enjoyed it!
I love all you lovely people x