Friday, 1 October 2010

A little bit of a lot

I am sooo sorry, its been quite a while since I've posted something :( I've been trying really hard this school year to keep up to date with work, so I've been doing lots of putting-into-folders, cutting-and-sticking and general sorting and of course, homework.... but in truth, and this might sound a bit strange, I'm actually sort of enjoying the satisfaction that I'm getting all my work done, and being organised! I feel like I'm actually achieving something, getting somewhere. Which, is great! Wonder how long its gonna last :P

So I think this is going to be a bit of a bits n bobs post, if that is okay :)
First things first, its Tania from forget me not's birthday on Sunday! So why not pop over and wish her a happy birthday on the 3rd :) I need to buy her a present... If you're reading this Tania, I'm not going to tell you what I'm thinking of so haaaaa ;)

its also Tania's sister's birthday party soonish as well, and I need to rustle up a fancy dress costume, on the theme of a 'fictional character'. Naturally, of course, I want to go as a princess :P So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions how I can become an Aurora or a Cinderella, but cheapishly, that would be wonderful!

Oh, and! I came across this amazing shoe website! It's called Discount Shoe Store, and they sell beautiful heels and other shoes for the cheapest prices ever - you can get heels for like, £10! So its definitely worth having a look, here's the link: Discount Shoe Store
I'm not sure how much they charge for postage though, I've never bought anything from there, I just admire how preeedy they are :P But I'd really recommend the 'Black Gardenia Satin Platform' shoe, I have them, but I bought them off the Barratts website a while back, and they are beautiful, and comfy too :)

And one last thing! I've been busy playing piano and singing a lot recently, which I actually LOVE! I normally learn chords or piano parts from songs I like and then sing along with them :D And, quite a lot of these are by Lady Gaga , whose music I absolutely adore (that's one of the things I put in my first blog post ever!) She has a lot of acousticky lovely music that isn't very publicised.

So one I came across about a month ago is You and I , and its going to be on her new album. (EXCITED!) I just thought I'd share it with you :) And maybe if you look out in the future I might post a clip of me singing it :P

There we go, quite a lengthy post in the end! I hope you enjoyed it!
I love all you lovely people x


  1. oooh cinderella woud be fantastic fot the party! :) i like her so much! the thing is .. i dont know how to become her in a chep way .. meybe you could wear a blue dress and then add gloves and accesories made by yourself :)
    id like to play the piano too, i guess you are a good player! thanks for coming to my blog ill visit yours often!
    followig u!

  2. Hi Olivia,
    Let me know if you do a review about clearasil! I always wondered if they worked!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  3. it sounds like you've been busy! =) this was a great post with lots of interesting things! i'm off to check out that shoe store for sure...

  4. I looooove it!!!

    Hugs & love


  5. CUTEEE!
    i love it!

    follow me

  6. thanks for dropping by and following me.

    love your blog too. i'm a new follower. :)

  7. Love GAGA
    Love Disney Princesses
    perfect mix for a successful post!


    PS. Thanks for your comment/Kind words! I am now your newest follower :) Will be checking in soon! Hope to see you at B&R again soon as well xo

  8. Oh wow, the party sounds like it will be a blast! I'm a big fan of themed parties:) I agree, Lady Gaga is very talented!

  9. I love Gaga!! ♥
    Have fun at the party!! x

  10. Wow. I wish I could help you in the outfit department, all I can say is that I would go to thriftstores or the costume section section of walmart. However just yesterday I saw at quite a few stores in downtown Toronto they are having huge sales on halloween costumes, is that something that's going on where you live too?

    Good luck and please do share with us what ended up happening. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  11. Hello beautiful XD Just blogging about you, you're gonna hate me.
    Nice shoe website! I must try!
    And thank you for the present and for coming! I tried on all the colours at once today, twas fun! They're really brighet if you put them on with that sponge, but not if you use a brush. It's strange

  12. LOVE that you can play Gaga on the piano!! So cool!

  13. Oh I miss playing the piano:) I need to get back into it. Ok lots of great links to check out here. thanks!!!

  14. Awwhh, i hope we get to see the princess outfit, it sounds like loadsa fun :D I've always wished i could play the piano, i'm really glad your enjoying it!

  15. can`t wait to hear you singing it.xx

  16. love lady gaga :) and love your blog - its so cute :) i'm happy i stumbled upon it !!

    visit/follow me

  17. i love aurora, maybe you could go as the sleeping beauty! your blog is cute!

    xo, cherie of Parade of Dresses