Saturday, 18 September 2010

Natural Beauty Treatments

We all know how many beauty products there are out there, claiming to have wonderful benefits, most with huuuuge price tags. So I've put together a few beauty treatments you can try out at home for a fraction of the price. :)

Problem: Dry, limp hair
Treatment: Olive oil

The first time I tried this, I was a little sceptical. I warmed up a small cup of olive oil in the microwave and used enough to cover all of my dry hair, using my fingers to ensure all my hair was covered. Then I left it for about 15 - 30 minutes, and washed it off afterwards thoroughly with shampoo. Make sure you thoroughly rinse it out, or your hair will be greasy, even once you've dried it. I blow-dried it and I have to say, I could REALLY feel the difference! My hair felt MUCH thicker, and very soft, and very shiny. The next day at school, several people commented on how nice it looked, even after I'd slept on it. And it wasn't at all greasy, either!

I tried it again the same week, and I didn't see the same effects, so I think its something that's best done about once a week, otherwise you overdose your hair a bit :P

RESULT: Softer, shinier, more volumised hair

Problem: Dry, chapped lips
Treatment: Sugar

Yes, believe it or not, sugar is just wonderful for this. Use some caster sugar, or any other sugar you happen to have (except icing sugar), and rub it against your lips, and it will gently scrape off dry skin. And even better, you can lick of any remaining sugar at the end! I have a posh version of this, from Lush, and its a lovely product of flavoured sugar scrub, but you really don't need to bother buying something when plain cheap sugar does just the same job. Just finish off with Vaseline, Carmex, gloss or whatever takes your fancy!

RESULT: Soft smooth lips

Problem: Spot scars
Treatment: Lemon juice

If you have ever had a horrible pimple or spot, and after time the redness and lump goes down, but you're still left with a teeny red dot? And while they are very small, once you have a few, they don't look so great? Well, I have read that applying a few drops of fresh lemon juice onto each scar and leaving for about 15 minutes, and washing off. If you do this every day for about a week, it should make them fade. I've only just started doing this, but after about two goes I think they have begun to fade a little.

RESULT: Hopefully, no more scars!

Problem: Tired eyes
Treatment: Cucumber

This works so wonderfully! It's best to chill the cucumber in the fridge beforehand, so it is very refreshing. Just cut two thin slices, lie back and relax for about 10 minutes, and afterwards, your eyes should be more awake and hopefully dark shadows should have faded. Really does make you feel better!

Result: Awakened, refreshed eyes

I hope you've learned some useful new tips! :) x


  1. these are all such interesting ideas! i'm def going to try the sugar one. i've heard the olive oil one but i'm kind of nervous to do that :)

  2. Oh, I didn't know that olive was great to volumize hair! Thanks!

  3. Thanks =]
    my mum if very interested in natural products so I'll let her know about these xx

  4. Thanks for the great tips.I like to use rosehip oil on my face at night. If you wash your face and while it is still warm and damp apply a few drops of rosehip oil and smooth over your face.

  5. I personally have used the olive oil and the sugar. They work wonders. :)

    Thanks for the tips dear.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

    P.S: I am your newest follower

  6. i've never tried that cucumber trick which is a shame! i'll do it tonight :) great post!

  7. wow these tips are great! my hair has been terrible lately so i think i will try this!

    thanks for stopping by the blog!

  8. I use freshly brewed green tea to cleanse my face. Natural honey on my lips once weekly.
    I exfoliate with brown sugar and freshly squeezed lime juice. I use grapeseed oil after shower for all-over silky skin feeling. I wear a silk scarf to bed nightly for hair protection.
    For eyes care - I make fresh carrot juice twice weekly. For tired eyes - I just go to bed before 11p.m.

  9. I didn't know that about sugar - that's awesome!

  10. Hey Girl!

    Thanks for stopping by Belles&Rebelles and for your comment!
    Just took a look at your blog! Love it:)
    Seem very knowledgeable and I love how it is diverse! You are BEAUTIFUL btw!!!! I am your newest follower:) Hope you'll stop by mine again sometime soon too!


  11. what great tips. thank you for sharing. i will be giving these a try, especially the lemon tip.

  12. great recommendations..I should try that lemon one!

  13. thank's for sharing the info! and for tired eyes is really helps me then.. :)
    xo, Lorine

  14. That is a very interesting post!

    Sugar def works for dry chapped lips!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  15. Great tips! Love it that they're all natural too. Lovely blog! :) Erica

  16. These are great tips! Thanks so much for sharing! I definitely need to try the sugar and cucumber treatments:) Hope ure enjoying the weekend!


  18. Olive oil for limp hair?! Hmmmm, I might have to try that!!


  19. Aww, these tips are fantastic, i'll note them and try them out one day!! xxxxxx

  20. i love olive oil for my hair. <3

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  22. wow thanks for all this natural care tips :)

    i am still new here , follow the trail to your blog from the comment u left me , let me roam around

  23. Great tips, I really should try the one for dry, limp hair!

  24. THANKS...for the advice!!

    P.S. Checkout my two winner giveaway! :)

  25. These are fantastic tips!! I already love doing the cucumber eyes but will definitely have to try the olive oil in my hair! Thank you so!!

  26. I'm going to try the olive oil!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog - yours is great!

  27. Looks like I need to be shopping more at the grocery store than the drug store! Love these ideas!!

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