Saturday, 7 August 2010


Ahh, you must forgive me! I have not blogged for like, ever! I've neglected my blog again :'( I've been on holiday in France! Which was so good, but now I need to tend to my blog :)

While I was out there, my mum was trying to immerse me in the language, suggesting I read books on french history, which I erm, refused. So our compromise was french fashion and beauty magazines :D which are basically the same ones as in Britain but translated :P And I have seen some BEAUTIFUL things which I'm going to show you.

These pictures are all scanned in from the August edition of Glamour, en francais :)

I officially love this. I just, adore fifties fashion. This is just so beautiful, so elegant, so feminine. VERY flattering, chic, glamourous, and just one of my favourite things ever. LOVE LOVE LOVE. It reminds me of when I was younger and spent all my time drawing princess dresses with tight bodices and huge skirts. So uhh, if anyone happens to have 2734 euros spare to give me to buy this outfit, then I'd appreciate it. Hahaa, I can always dream... :P

I never thought I'd actually like a all-in-one knitted ski-suit. But somehow, I love this! Knitwear is coming back and this Dolce and Gabbana jumpsuit just does it aaall for me. I adore all those patterns and the cute little reindeer :)
Gorgeous boots as well. AND it looks so amazingly warm. It's such a nice cut and that model looks amazing.

This denim dress is so so so nice. I love this whole denimy trend at the moment, but my only problem is they've made some lovely washed out denim tier summer dresses, and they look great but the very thought of wearing a denim dress on a hot day just puts me off. So I really like how this dress has more of an autumn/winter look and I think I might want this one too. But I don't think I'll ever be able to rustle up 600 euros to pay for it xD
I also love how confused that guy looks by her hand...

My friend Anna is pretty much in love with Emma Watson, and I must say when I happened across this picture of her in my magazine, I think I might just love her too! She looks so so so so so so so so so so so so so pretty. I don't particularly like her dress, but her shoes! And just HER! :O

So there we go. Just a few things I'm loving right now, I hope you like them too! :D


  1. oooh the first 1950s-type one is a fave! I hope your holiday was magnificent!

  2. ohhh i love glamour so i can only imagine it is just as wonderful...if not better en francais!

  3. Oh, fabulous! I am so ready for fall, I bet it's a lot cooler in Britain! Lovely world here, so happy you stopped by Little Blue Deer so I could find you! Happy to be your newest follower!

  4. Welcome back dear, and these images are so beautiful!!! thanks for sharing :)

    Wishing you a brilliant day


  5. cool post! love it.

    ~ xoxo :)

  6. Darn you you're catching up with me!!!! D:
    ^^ I'm glad you had fun, I've bought myself plenty of english fashion magazines for the journey ^^

    Now please excuse me, I have to go and steal your followers :B

  7. that all in one suit is kind of growing on me!

  8. well Olivia welcome back from a fab time in France. I'm sure you took it all in and are feeling super inspired. I, personally, would love a trip to France. It would be worth it if only to lament having to return :)

    I dream of being a yeti and wearing big ol' fur/hairy boots all winter - it's not going to happen, but a girl CAN dream!! :)


  9. Great scans! I love the first picture.

  10. Glad you had fun in France :) Heh fashion magazines are definitely much more interesting than history!
    Awesome pictures! :) x

  11. Hey hun! That's awesome that you went to France! How exciting! Well, come check out my blog :)

  12. That first photo is just out-of-this world, really beautiful and glamorous, and I soo love that vintage style about it! Thanks for sharing:)

  13. I adore the fifties and sixties too...great music, great fashion! I'm so looking foward to wearing fifties stuff again!

    I really like the way you post too. It's never boring and you have very interesting topics!

  14. Lovely post <3