Friday, 11 June 2010

Number One

Hey :) its Olivia, and erm, this is my first post. Ever. Feel special!

I love this time of year. Everything has come to life again, and its time for summer and sun sun sunnn :) (then again I live in England, so errr xD)

This weather completely inspires me :) I've been out in my garden taking pictures of flowers and just general niceness. I congratulate my parents on their lovely gardening skills :P

My dad bought some cherries today. Just looking at the bowl made me want to take lovely artistic pictures. Not sure I've quite managed that, but, i tried :P

Wow, like, the same colour! :O yes, it amazed me too.

My friend bought Lady Gaga tickets today for me and her! I am absolutely SO EXCITED! only got to wait til december xD My AMAZINGLY TALENTED friend Tania did some stunning clothes designs for her, I'm actually considering waiting by the stage door to hand them to her, because I think they're amazing!

Ahh, I have love for Barry M. LOTS OF IT. Dazzle dusts are just, beauty... the colours, the prettiness... ah :) i only own about, four xD But they are so amazing. -->

And OMG THEIR NEW NAIL VARNISH ICE CREAM RANGE! I really want the berry colour, it's such a gorgeous summery pastel colour, I love it! It's that RATHER yummy one there in the middle :) <---


  1. ^^ Yay :) I hope you like blogging :B It's fun, but it may consume your life at first :P And it's depressing writing to no-one...
    I own NO Barry M stuff, but I shall some day!!! I like the nail varnishes, I want THEM ALLLLLLLLL
    First Commenter, I feel special

  2. aha :) well, i feel extremely privileged :D haha yes i know :'(
    but i have TWO FOLLOWERS!! :O :O :O
    thats like, woah. xD :)
    omnomnom barry m :)

  3. Welcome to the blogging world! It is one hell of a ride, but I am sure you will enjoy it! Love the pics you have posted here. I will surely be back for more! and I am following you now!


  4. Ah well thank you! Haha I already am :)
    Thanks very much :D
    I'll follow you too :)