Saturday, 12 June 2010


I cannot wait til tomorrow :) Me and my good friend Tania are going to have lovely photoshoot in my garden :) (see below :P)

Lots of nice pretty vintagey pictures, WE HOPE. IT MUST NOT RAIN! Today would have been perfect, no rain and just lovely sunshine, but the forecast is for clouds :( and no pretty pictures. :(

I'm thinking, a GORGEOUS deep pink dress with a floucy skirt and tight bodice and halter neck, from Jane Norman. I adore this dress, only about £40, and I recently wore it to my cousin's wedding which was absolutely stunning :) As for the dress, let's just say the Millwall fans on the tube on the journey there rather 'appreciated' it :|

And I shall wear this with a BEAUTIFUL pair of lace court shoes from New Look :) Pretty comfy shoes actually. I don't really tend to go for low heels, normally I go with the 'if you're wearing heels, you might as well go the whole way at get at least four inches' but seeing as I had to spend the whole day and evening in them, I had to go with low. But I actually love these :D

And for a different outfit, I think I shall wear this pretty dress from Republic. I am officially in love with this shop. It only recently came to the shopping centre near me and I was like, :O! Just looking in, it is a haven of lovely lovely things :) And this dress was £20 :D As are many of the beautiful things in there :)

Right, bed for me. Praying for sun!

Night :)


  1. those are very pretty stuff you got there :) ...and i do understand what you mean about the heels O_O having to wear them all day and night must be killer, so you made the right choice to get the not so high ones ;)

  2. :B Can't wait!!!
    So lucky 3 followers already! I had none for about a month XD (unless you count Olivia Marlow, who was never active)
    Pretty dress, you did link me to it, I remember ^^

  3. thank you moira :)
    YAY! its sunny right now! if it gets unsunny, then thats stupid.
    my mum has cut some lovely peonies so we can use them for pretty pictures :)
    Haha that is because you have publicised me, so really, I'm just stealing your followers. :/
    Ahhh goody, I love it ! :D

  4. lovely outfits this is really a nice post

  5. Hey sweetie! I so hope you and Tania managed a fun day of photography today and the weather was dry enough! I took some awesome pics even in the rain..... take care.xx
    Thanks for the comment!
    fashion clocked
    katie. x

  6. We did thank you very much! There are some pictures that Tania took in the post above :D It was so sunny! :D I would love to see those, you should put them on your blog sometime :)
    Olivia x