Saturday, 18 September 2010

Natural Beauty Treatments

We all know how many beauty products there are out there, claiming to have wonderful benefits, most with huuuuge price tags. So I've put together a few beauty treatments you can try out at home for a fraction of the price. :)

Problem: Dry, limp hair
Treatment: Olive oil

The first time I tried this, I was a little sceptical. I warmed up a small cup of olive oil in the microwave and used enough to cover all of my dry hair, using my fingers to ensure all my hair was covered. Then I left it for about 15 - 30 minutes, and washed it off afterwards thoroughly with shampoo. Make sure you thoroughly rinse it out, or your hair will be greasy, even once you've dried it. I blow-dried it and I have to say, I could REALLY feel the difference! My hair felt MUCH thicker, and very soft, and very shiny. The next day at school, several people commented on how nice it looked, even after I'd slept on it. And it wasn't at all greasy, either!

I tried it again the same week, and I didn't see the same effects, so I think its something that's best done about once a week, otherwise you overdose your hair a bit :P

RESULT: Softer, shinier, more volumised hair

Problem: Dry, chapped lips
Treatment: Sugar

Yes, believe it or not, sugar is just wonderful for this. Use some caster sugar, or any other sugar you happen to have (except icing sugar), and rub it against your lips, and it will gently scrape off dry skin. And even better, you can lick of any remaining sugar at the end! I have a posh version of this, from Lush, and its a lovely product of flavoured sugar scrub, but you really don't need to bother buying something when plain cheap sugar does just the same job. Just finish off with Vaseline, Carmex, gloss or whatever takes your fancy!

RESULT: Soft smooth lips

Problem: Spot scars
Treatment: Lemon juice

If you have ever had a horrible pimple or spot, and after time the redness and lump goes down, but you're still left with a teeny red dot? And while they are very small, once you have a few, they don't look so great? Well, I have read that applying a few drops of fresh lemon juice onto each scar and leaving for about 15 minutes, and washing off. If you do this every day for about a week, it should make them fade. I've only just started doing this, but after about two goes I think they have begun to fade a little.

RESULT: Hopefully, no more scars!

Problem: Tired eyes
Treatment: Cucumber

This works so wonderfully! It's best to chill the cucumber in the fridge beforehand, so it is very refreshing. Just cut two thin slices, lie back and relax for about 10 minutes, and afterwards, your eyes should be more awake and hopefully dark shadows should have faded. Really does make you feel better!

Result: Awakened, refreshed eyes

I hope you've learned some useful new tips! :) x

Friday, 17 September 2010

Holiday house

Regular readers will know that I recently went to France, and we stayed in a little woodland cottage the first week which which lovely, and the second week, an absolutely GORGEOUS place, done up by an extreeeemely artistic English lady. Everything in the house was wonderfully vintage and mismatched and just loverly loverly. I, of course, felt it was far too big an opportunity to miss out, so took some photos to share :)

Looking up from the stairs.

There were loads of vintagey hats and old books everywhere.

And a huuuge amount of pots, vases, glasses, ornaments, and general decoration.

I LOVE this mirror! Looks like its from a church or something :P And there were lots of those metal lantern all over the house.

Not to mention a MASSIVE collection of DVDs to keep me occupied! I just had such an amazing time :)

Friday, 10 September 2010

Someone has a new dress...

I have a story to tell. So here we go, enjoy!

I popped into Miss Selfridge the other day with my friend Rhiannon and had a look in the sale rail, and I found a lovely satin dress, that I quite liked, and it was in a size 4 too :D I tried it on, and really liked it, but it had a broken zip and I thought that it couldn't be mended. When I got home, I told my mum about it, and she said that she could really easily show me how to fix it, so I rushed back next day, and found the dress. But unfortunately, it wasn't there in a 4, a 6, or an 8. I found one in a 10 though, with a broken zip, but it was massive on me. I bought it anyway, but didn't feel too hopeful. When I took it home, my mum showed me how to fix the zip, then helped me sew in two darts which only took about five minutes, and then it fitted perfectly.

I'm so bad at taking pictures of myself xD

Its a lovely pale greeny colour, in satin. And its GORGEOUS! And the most amazingest wonderful bit of it all it the PRICE! Make a guess now... and see if you're right! You'll be surprised! It was ....





I KNOW! Three pounds fifty for a beautiful prom dress! That's only 40p extra than the price of a Starbucks Vanilla Cream Frappucino (my favourite :P )

It was reduced from £50, in the sale! SOOOO happy about that! Ahh, bargains like this make life worth living :D

What bargains have any of you lovelies got recently? :) xx

(I've only just noticed I have quite obvious tan lines in this picture - you can see two white triangles where I was wearing a halterneck bikini all summer hahaha :P )

Friday, 3 September 2010

No more summer

And so, the summer comes to an end. :( And I'm back at school. I'm gonna miss just being able to sleep all the time and go out with all my friends up to London and round each others' houses... But the good news is I get to see them all at school EVERY DAY YAAY! So its not so bad.

I had another wonderful time at Tania's a few days ago, yes, the lovely Tania of forget me not . She is interested in photography, and I am always willing to offer my services as a model for her :P And she has given me all of the images, so I thought I might share some of them with you all. I've put most of them in black and white and sepia, I think they look better :)

Here's my lovely £14 New Look maxi from a few posts back, with Accessorize earrings (a present) and my bikini (we went swimming :P ) And the sunglasses are Tania's.

Wearing a Primark skater-type top, £6. With a Topshop £3 (in the sale :D ) necklace.

It was kinda windy xD

I wish everyone the best of luck for the new school year! xxxxxx